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Photo Gallery

I have over 30 years experience as a Building & home designer, with real & genuine sustainable design, sustainable for the planet and importantly the users.  This brought together with my skills in Vastu - Feng Shui and more, allow a depth and a breadth of understanding of "home" and building rarely seen in the industry.

These photos are of just some of my design work, to give you a bit of a feel for the type of work I can design, but your design will be uniquely & completely for you.

I am also able to consult and advise on your project, should you require advice on your own building design or renovations or working alone with your own Architect, draftsperson or builder & as part of YOUR team.


I can help you to get the very best out of the project or kit home you may be considering or have decided on. I can help with simple ideas on how to maximise the best Vast planning and compliance, along with the ideas you have in mind for the best possible energetic, beautiful and comfortable home that supports and holds you & your family.  

All projects are customised to the specific needs of each and every client, as yours will be.  



Eco resort

Eco Resort in the mist

Eco resort

Eco Resort

Home alteration & addition Mackeral Beach

House alteration and additon Mackeral Beach

Home alteration & addition Mackeral Beach

Vineyard home and Bed and Breakfast (under construction)

Home alteration & addition Mackeral Beach

New Home Balgowlah

Vinyard resort cottage

New home Palm Beach

Eco homes Blue Mountains

Eco-Feng Shui home (under construction)

Avoca cottage (stage 1)

Concept sketches large Eco-Feng Shui home (see 3D view above)

BEFORE & AFTER Harris house

Harris house sketch plan

Sketch Elevations Edan

Harris house

Mangrove Lodge Eco home

Balgowlah refurishment elevation (see photo bellow)

The Earth Star Peace Centre in the desert of South Australia (a page is under construction for this project please return soon)

Balgowlah refurishment

Country home Port Macquarie (under construction)

Balgowlah refurishment kitchen

Home remodel in country Victoria

Vastu Home

Mangrove Eco lodge - Vastu

Phi spiral house Earth Ship sketch plans

Logo of Chrysalis Dwelling Natural architecture . . . . . . . . . This logo represents the home as a butterfly's chrysalis or cocoon, supported by and from Nature and existing only at natures, grace as represented by the leaf. The spiral in the "chrysalis" represents continual moving life force energy or Chi or Prana. The image was channeled by Anthony and represents his Dhama or life purpose, which is. To create cities and temples of light on the earth and in the hearts of her people.

Pavilion by the Pier restaurant