Earth Air Fire Water A Workshop ~ A Journey

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Workshop ~ Earth Air Fire Water ~ a Journey : Tasmainia 29th July

“A journey into working with the elements and elementals of  

Earth Air Fire Water of the Land your Home & within Yourself “

A Workshop ~ Earth Air Fire Water ~A Journey

presented by Anthony Ashworth : Shaman ~ Feng Shui man ~ Healer 


All ancient peoples believed in helpful spirits & elementals that can be learnt from and this knowledge harnessed to create a balanced vigorous environment in which to thrive.

Be that the land , our homes or even our own constitutions and psyche.

 Most nearly every people on earth ascribe the universe itself to consist of four primal creation elements of  Earth Air Fire Water.


In this one day workshop you will be guided on a journey to explore these elements these elementals and how we may work with them to enhance our environment our homes and ourselves. 


Outcomes you can expect from the workshop. 

* Have a deeper understanding of how energy works in your environment in your home and in yourself

* Know how to harness these primal forces to enhance your life

* Have a greater understanding of your ancestor’s and ancient cultures view of the world 

* Feel more connected to life to nature and to yourself

* Understand how to create an ongoing working relationship with the spirit of the elements and of nature.


Your Guide : Anthony Ashworth is a renowned teacher and practitioner of Shamanism, Feng Shui and Geomancy and Earth Healing for more information on Anthony see 

: Meet Anthonyhere is a video link to Anthony in nature talking about connection.